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Joe and Dick Romano reviewing a client portfolio


For over five decades, through periods of both economic prosperity as well as uncertainty, Romano Wealth Management has maintained a consistent, disciplined investment approach based upon these fundamentals:

  • We seek securities that, in our opinion, represent outstanding values based on assets, sales and earnings growth trends, and cash payouts in relation to price.
  • We believe in purchasing fairly valued securities and holding them for long-term growth. We do not employ so-called “market timing” strategies but instead sell stocks when analysis suggests that a company’s outlook is not consistent with its current price.
  • We rarely use stock options, index options, futures or any other “high-risk” derivatives.
  • We do not recommend securities merely for industry representation or a company’s “good name.” Each security must stand on its own justifiable merits.



Ongoing research and analysis are the cornerstones of our success. Consequently, a major effort is expended in forecasting those opportunities which offer the most potential for gain and the least potential for loss.

The firm has access to a research database which tracks in excess of 100 metrics on nearly 10,000 stocks.  Our research team, led by Joe Romano, has created a proprietary screening tool based upon those criteria that in our experience are indicative of future value and capital appreciation.

Our Investment Committee is comprised of senior members of the firm, as well as all portfolio managers and associate portfolio managers.  It meets weekly to discuss new investment ideas which pass the stringent standards of our screens, in addition to updates for ideas currently on our recommended list.