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Grace, Justine, Rick, Athina and Chris


Romano Wealth Management provides fee based investment management services to individuals, employee benefit trusts, not-for-profit endowments, private trusts, estates, and corporations. Our managed accounts range between $250,000 and $20 million in assets.

Our investment management practice focuses on these fundamental concepts:

  • We offer investment management, transaction services, and financial planning for a single, modest asset-based fee, rather than on a traditional commission basis. This eliminates any potential conflict between client and manager to overtrade the account. Because there are no commissions charged, the account manager’s compensation increases only if the client’s assets grow.
  • The staff member who manages the account also services the client. There is no middleman. The person involved in every investment decision concerning the account is always available to the client for questions or counsel.
  • The manager will monitor the investments on an ongoing basis and recommend any actions necessary due to changes in the particular investment, the client’s needs, or the economic outlook.
  • We do not use proprietary funds or products, pool assets, or use outside investment management firms.

All investment selections are the best ideas from our own independent, in-house investment research department.