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Cash Management Services


Cash management servicesRomano Wealth Management can act as your main money center.

We offer comprehensive cash management services and innovative financing programs for both businesses and individuals that are designed to keep your money always working its hardest for you.

Regardless of the size of your business or personal account, we offer the following services which can help you manage your money in order to both improve your cash flow and reduce your borrowing needs:

  • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) with direct links between your Romano Wealth Management account and your checking or savings account. Both deposits and withdrawals can be seamlessly made either on demand or at regularly scheduled intervals of your choosing.
  • Money Market Funds and FDIC Insured Deposit Funds with competitive yields, eliminating the need for separate savings accounts at another institution. All proceeds from investments are automatically swept into these funds, keeping your money working for you at all times.
  • Cash balance monitoring, so that we can notify you when suitable investment opportunities arise. With your consent, investments are purchased and the funds internally withdrawn from the fund, eliminating the need to send a check. In addition, all activity is concisely reported on one simple, easy to read statement.
  • Check writing privileges and Visa Gold Debit/ATM cards enable you to take advantage of higher money market rates and offer you another means of easy access to your cash.
  • Stock option financing, allowing you to quickly exercise your company’s stock options. Moreover, with our market expertise and knowledge of the tax consequences, we’ll create a strategy and help you determine when the time is right to exercise and sell.

If you’re seeking prudent, short-term investment strategies for a substantial sum of cash while you make plans for the long term, we can offer solutions to keep your money earning above money market returns. Based mainly upon your liquidity needs and short term objectives, we can select the appropriate mix of money market instruments and short-term, investment grade, fixed-income securities for your portfolio.