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Romano Wealth Management offers comprehensive retirement and financial planning services to its clients. After a series of personal interviews, we develop an integrated financial plan that takes into consideration all aspects of our client’s financial future-investments, taxation, insurance, retirement needs, and estate planning.

Working in partnership with you, and if necessary, with your tax and legal advisors, we formulate a plan that carefully balances and integrates safety, income, and growth. We’ll monitor your contributions to your current tax deferred retirement plan, or suggest the right Roth, Traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA plan for you. Then we’ll discuss our proposed plan with you to ensure all parties understand and are comfortable with the strategy.

The firm will then consolidate and gather all your assets under the Romano Wealth Management umbrella, simplifying account maintenance, and ensuring those assets are managed according to the terms of the plan. In addition, should you have future changes of employment or retire, we’ll provide a rollover or transfer of your company sponsored plan into your Romano Wealth Management IRA, without adverse tax consequence.