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Dick Romano, Joe Romano and Doug Geisser

The Romano Wealth Management Difference 

1We’ve been investing your money—like our money—since 1962.  Nothing hones one’s investment acumen like having your own money on the line, so that’s why we’re co-invested with you.  Because the most attractive investment opportunities are rare, when one arises we use it across our client spectrum–and in our own profit sharing and personal accounts as well.  Simply put, we seek ideas for our clients that we’d use—and do use—in our own portfolios.

2We buy investments, not markets.  If we like three investment ideas today based upon current fundamentals, why not buy those three ideas outright, rather than a mutual fund with 50 names?  Assuming that fund contains our three best ideas, that means it also contains 47 mediocre ideas at best.  We believe this allows us to be more nimble for our clients and leads to better results.

3We don’t sell financial products.  We favor individual securities not mutual funds, annuities or other products that are “sold” to you.  Individual securities are the most cost effective way to get diversification and avoid the additional “layering” of fees due to the additional expenses built into funds.  By selecting the appropriate number of our own individual investments, rather than the more common approach of using a number of mutual funds or ETFs, we avoid “closet indexing” or over-diversification.

4Our fees are extremely competitive.  Our investment management fees are less than most mutual funds that don’t offer nearly the same level of customization or specific advice.  The fee includes many other comprehensive financial planning services and managed clients incur no additional commissions, per share trade charges, or expenses other than a $3.75 ticket charge.  That’s it.